Three Myths About Junk Car Removal Services, And Why They're Your Best Option

15 February 2022
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For a lot of people, a broken-down car is an ulitmate symbol of junk, especially if it's one that can't be driven and is nothing more than a huge chunk of metal taking up space. And what value could there possibly be in something like that? You'd be surprised.

If you have a junk car sitting around, maybe the single best thing you can do is call a junk car removal service. Not only do you get this eyesore gone, but you can also get a little cash in the process. If you're considering selling a junk car, here are a few myths (and the truth behind them) you should be aware of. 

I've Lost the Title to My Car, so I Can't Sell it to Anyone 

Let's be real: a vehicle title is an important document, but many times it simply gets lost in the shuffle of life. And if you don't have the physical title, you can't sell a car, right? That's not true, because you usually can. You can go through the process of obtaining a new title for a car, but that takes time and money. For the most part, legal documents are only necessary if you're selling to a private party. So if you have an old car sitting around or you're finally trying to get rid of grandma's clunker

My Car Was Totaled, So It's A Total Loss

Just because a car was deemed a "total loss" by the insurance company (which means the cost to repair is more than 75% of the value), that doesn't mean the value is totally lost. Aside from the simple value in scrap metal, a car that can't be driven most likely still has valuable parts that can be salvaged. If your car was in an accident, you may still be able to get a good amount of cash from the vehicle.

I Can't Drive My Car To A Facility, So I Won't Be Able to Sell It

If you can't get your car to a removal service, no worries because most of them will come to you. Many junk car services these days will happily come to you to take your car off your hands. And in a lot of cases, they'll actually bring cash in hand when they come to get your vehicle and have all the necessary paperwork to close out the transaction. You never even have to leave home to sell your junk car! 

If you have a vehicle you're not using or one that can't be driven at all, there's no reason to let it sit there. You might as well sell it to a cash for junk cars program and make a little money, cleaning some clutter from your life in the process. 

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